Friday, 10 January 2014

Melanie's ridiculous tip for not hating a new haircut!

When I get an idea in my head I really have to run with it or it'll consume all of my thoughts until I do something about it! The other day whilst curling my hair I thought "wow this is annoying as fuck!" And so I decided I needed to cut off all of my hair! much for growing it out. Haha oh well! 

What I do when I'm about to cut or colour my hair (which is very often) is doll myself up! I do my makeup as nice as I can to make myself look as nice as I can, then I go balls deep in my hair venture with a positive mind. I honestly haven't not liked a hair colour or style since I was like 11.. Even if it does turn out shit, at least your face still looks good ;)

My hair before I cut it off.

My hair after I cut it all off!

After I shaved off one side, I like to cut my own hair so I can't get mad at anyone else if it gets messed up! 

And finally, the photo I found and used as a guideline of sort of what I wanted!!

So there you have it, my ridiculous tip for not hating a new haircut, style or colour!! 

                       -Melanie xx

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