Thursday, 28 November 2013

Irresistible Me!

So as you know I am attempting to grow my hair long once again. I've always always always wanted hair extensions and I have no clue where the obsession came from because I wanted them even when my own hair was 20" long... So basically I had some extra moola and decided they would be a Christmas present to myself (I buy Christmas presents for myself all year round...) I said "eff it, I'm totally doing it". I've been hearing about Irresistible Me extensions a lot lately so I wanted to try them out, I decided on 140 grams of hair in 20" length. The colour I chose was #613 'Silky Platinum Blonde' because my hair is bright red and they would need to be coloured.

 The price came to $125 plus $10 for shipping. I used a black Friday coupon and got 25 dollars off. They're still having the sale until Saturday at Midnight with coupon BLACK25 for 25% off. I ordered them on Sunday November 17th and they got to me on Friday the 22nd. So six days in total from when I ordered to when I got them. That's insane!! The shipping you pay for is flat rate and it says it will get to you in 2-4 days. So they were very true to what they said.

You get 10 pieces. 2-1 clips, 5-2 clips, 2-3 clips and 1 for clip.

This is the biggest weft and it's actually 3 sewn together to make it super thick!

I really just wanted to try them on haha you can see how much shorter my real hair is. Ps. don't mind the face.

I was really sad that I had to dye them because I loved the blonde colour and also they were soooooo soft and I didn't want them to get ruined! haha but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I use ION brilliance Brights in Red.

The larges weft was so hard to colour cause you had to separate all the layers.

BAM. With the bad boys in, I absolutely love them!

I tried to do an Ariana Grande look. It was my first time and I've never had
extensions before so It needs a little work but it looks cute!

Sorry this post was a million years long. I'm done now! Friday or Saturday I'm probably going to post an update on my hair using the horse shampoo, so check that shit out.

                                                                   -Melanie xx


  1. They look really good on you:) I invite to join the giveaway on my blog, where I am giving away a makeup palette!


  2. They look gorgeous! I really like the dress you are wearing in the last pic too.

  3. Oh my god, these look great! ///v///
    Your hair goes perfectly with that dress, nice splash of color!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster award!