Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hair Experiment: Mane n' Tail

It's Melanie and about two months ago I chopped off all of my hair that I'd been growing since last November, which was the first time I decided to chop off all of my hair! I then went on a crazy bleaching and colouring rampage and I've finally come full circle and I'm ready to have my natural hair colour and the long length that I'm used to!
 These are some pictures of my hair before last November, these are the only pictures that actually make me miss my long hair. The problem is that I look at these pictures way too often.
So since I decided to grow my hair out, I thought why not by a growth promoting hair product. I went to Wal Mart and bought 'Mane n' Tail' Shampoo and Conditioner. Each bottle was $7.97for 355ml.

I've heard that using this shampoo and conditioner has helped people grow their hair an extra 1/2 inch a month! I asked my Dad if he wanted to use it due to his impending hair loss that's on the horizon but he declined.
This is the length that my hair is right now, I have about 1 inch of regrowth. I'm going to start using the products today and I'll be updating my progress about every month or so to see if my hair has actually grown more than average.
Here's hoping this stuff actually works some miracles because I'm starting to miss healthy long hair!

                                                    -Melanie xx

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  1. I've been meaning to use this for a while now! I've been kinda scared though since it's also used on horses-
    Will follow your hair updates! *^*

    ☆ gin ★

  2. Definitely let us know how it goes. I've been trying to grow my hair out too. <3

  3. Hi, new to your blog! Can't wait to see your results!