Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Zombie Walk!

October!! Yaaaay! I love October because I love gloomy weather, fall leaves and ridiculous Halloween movies. (Especially Halloween Town 1, 2, 3 and 4) And I also love October because that's when The Toronto Zombie Walk is held. This year will be my 5th year attending so I'm pretty much a pro by now... My favourite part is obviously dressing up as a zombie and every year I look to improve upon my skills. 

Year 1. I was a housewife zombie. haha

Year 2. I was a hippie, Sondra was a little girl, Corissa a maid, Lindsey a pirate and Amanda was Bo peep.

Year 3. We went as hospital patients/staff. Amanda not pictured was also a nurse this year as well.

Year 3. I seemed to have misplaced the professional photo we got taken of us.

Year 4. I was an ASBO kid from Misfits, Amanda was a house wife and Corissa was a ballerina.
Year 4. A crappy cellphone picture of my makeup. This was my favourite look so far.

Year 4. During the actual walk, it's always freezing so a warm timmies coffee is essential.
Needless to say I'm pretty excited for this year. Hoping to go real big with my makeup! If you live in or around Toronto you should definitely check it out, it's lot's of fun and everyone always wants to take a photo with you.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Amateur Photoshoot!

My shirt and skirt are both from H&M.

Left to Right: Lindsey, Sondra, Amanda, Myself.

On Saturday everyone managed to have time to hangout so we decided we would wander around our hometown and take some photos! I'm pleased with how they turned out. We literally just used my Fujifilm camera, it's not a DSLR but it does the trick and we stuck it on a tripod that I got from a yard sale! A Successful Saturday, indeed.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Harry Potter Anyone?

This would be my second post in a row about both Etsy and Harry Potter... The last one about buying, this one is about selling. I have a shop on Etsy called Violeteli. I sell things on there because I enjoy making stuff. Pretty simple. Basically, I really really really want to go to England. I'm obsessed with England and have been for pretty much forever. I'm hoping that this year I'll be able to go around Christmas time. So I'm hoping that I can completely fund my little trip with the help of my Etsy shop.

So if you're a fan of Harry Potter or you know someone who is, and you/they are also a fan of wearing sweaters then y'all should definitely check out my shop! I like to knit 'Weasley Sweaters'  if you don't know what that is then you don't watch/read enough Harry Potter.

These are a few of the letters that I've done so far! You can get whatever letter you want in sizes from XS-L. Feel free to use the coupon code: BLOGLAND for %15 off your order! Get em while they're hot!

                                                          -Melanie! :)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Cheap Etsy Buys.

The other day I found one of those Prepaid MasterCards in my room that someone had given Me for my 19th Birthday... Two whole years ago! I went online to check the balance and it only had $8.10 left on it, for the last year and a half MasterCard has been taking a percentage off.
I decided I'd go on Etsy and see what I could get for 8 bucks including shipping. I typed in 'Harry Potter' (because obviously) clicked 'lowest price' and started my search. I Managed to purchase two things and still have a balance of $2.00 left on the card!
The first thing I bought was a bookmark. I don't usually use bookmarks because I think they're a waste of money when you could just use a scrap of paper. But this one in my opinion was too cool to pass up!
Yes. Gryffinclaw. Pottermore tells Me I'm a Ravenclaw, but I sometimes feel like a Gryffindor.
So naturally I must be a Gryffinclaw! I think this is the coolest thing ever. The bookmark costs $1.39 from the Etsy shop CrestCrossed I highly suggest you check them out. They're based in Toronto, which is wonderful for Me because I only live 30 minutes from Toronto.
The next thing I purchased was a magnet from a shop called MyThoughtsExactly
A little Diagon Alley magnet. I thought it was adorable. I paid only $1.25 for it!
All in all I think it was a pretty successful Etsy splurge with an $8.00 budget!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

New Tattoo!

2 weeks ago I decided I wanted a new tattoo! Went into the shop, gave the man some photos of what I was looking for and this is what he drew up! On August 25th I go back to get it coloured in and I can't wait till it's finished! It's located on my forearm! When it's completely done I'll get some better photos. 


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 3 ,5 & 7

Day 3.Favourite Place To Be.
Day 5.Whatever You Want.

Day7. Silhouette

Friday, 25 July 2014

Self Portrait!

I saw a '30 Day Photo Challenge on Pinterest the other day and since I love taking photos (although not very good at it) I thought I'd give it a go!

The first picture is a self portrait. I'll be linking each new post in this original post and checking them off as I go.

Day 1. Self Portrait.
Day 2.
Day 3.Favourite place to be.
Day 4.
Day 5.Whatever you want.
Day 6.
Day 7.Silhouette.
Day 8.
Day 9.
Day 10.
Day 11.
Day 12.
Day 13.
Day 14.
Day 15.
Day 16.
Day 17.
Day 18.
Day 19.
Day 20.
Day 21.
Day 22.
Day 23.
Day 24.
Day 25.
Day 26.
Day 27.
Day 28.
Day 29.
Day. 30.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Room Re-Boot.

I'm finally ready to make-over my bedroom. I've been in the same bedroom since I was born, pretty much. From aged 0 to 16 my room was this awful bright/pale/baby pink colour with bunnies from Bambi painted on the walls. I hated those walls from the time I could talk. Finally when I was 16 I decided if no one else is going to change the colour, I'll do it myself! I went to the dump, grabbed a bunch of cans of free paint, mixed them all together and what I got was a blue-ish/green colour. Anything was better than what I had, so I slapped it on the walls! I used a pretty fuschia for an accent colour and I was good to go. Now 5 years later and I'm ready for another change. I feel like the blue colour is too drab and dark and I really want to brighten up my room.

So once again, I took a trip to the dump, grabbed all the white-ish/beige/gray colours and mixed together a pretty concoction. I'm excited to start painting and hopefully my next post will be the before and after photos!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Time to clean your make-up brushes.

There comes a time in every girls life (at least the ones who wear makeup) when they have to sit down and clean their brushes!

I hate doing this and to be honest I hardly ever do it. Say what you will but I never get breakouts or any thing else from having "dirty" brushes, nor does it compromise the final look. 

But alas comes the day when I look at them and decide that they look gross and need a wash. Plus I like when they smell yummy :)


Monday, 2 June 2014

Review: Jergens 3 Days To Glow

This will probably be one of the worst reviews in history, just a fore warning! Mostly because I didn't take many reference pictures, I tried but they weren't turning out how I wanted them to! Haha 

Never have I ever used a self tanner before in my life so I wanted to start with something that wasn't super intimidating! 

I'm super pale, naturally. And it takes Me a while (like the whole summer) to get a good tan. My brothers Army Graduation was coming up and since we hadn't had a spring at all, I needed something to make me look less dead.  

My brother and I after his graduation! :)

I bought the Jergens Natural Glow 3 days to glow moisturizer in Medium to Tan because I'm a rebel and just because that's what I decided to buy... 

Basically it does what the package says, you put in on everyday after you shower or however/whenever you want.. Haha I just used it after I showered. I definitely noticed a difference the very next day when I woke up! 

It says it has no odour, that's a lie! Haha I don't know what normal fake tanners smell like because like I said, I've never used them! I however have heard other people talk about the smell. This lotion has quite a perfumey smell and gradually starts to smell gross. I find that putting it on during the day and going out and about that I smell it less than when I put it on before bed. If i put it on before going to sleep, it's all I can smell and it drives Me crazy! Hahah

I don't know if you can tell but my leg in that photo looks super brown! Haha I'm like 8 shades whiter than that. And then there's a picture of my arm versus my white hand! And that would've been after using it for 3 days straight and it starting to come off, so probably two days after the last application! So obviously the tan stays around for about a week. 

Overall I'm happy with the product, it cost be about 9 dollars at Walmart and it works well with lasting results, the smell isn't unbearable but it's also not the greatest. If definitely buy it again! 


Another little comparison! Top photo is on the 3rd day of using (looking gross and sweaty!) and the bottom photo was probably the day before I used it! 

Let me know what self tanners you've used and would recommend! 

 -Melanie :)


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Micro loop extensions!


I bought these off of EBay because I didn't want to spend a fortune on something I wasn't sure was going to work out. They were super cheap, is cost me $30 CAD for 200 strands that were 16 inches and 0.4 grams each. 

The installation is really simple, you pull your hair through the loop and use a pair of pliers to close the bead and secure your hair in place. It took me about 3 hours to put in about 175 strands (with the help of my Mom)

The Verdict: They were really cute but I just couldn't get the back to cooperate! 
My own hair in the back just wouldn't stay where I wanted which resulted in Me having to wear a hat the whole time!

The hair was super nice and soft when I received it, but after the first wash it got quite ratty. Not a big deal though cause it matched my over processed hair! Haha

For anyone wanting to buy these for length, I'd recommend spending the money and getting the strands that are 1g a piece because even with almost 200 strands, this was pretty thin!!

I wore these for about a week and then took them out because I got tired of constantly wearing a hat out in public! Haha

Overall it wasn't a bad experience, I think when my hair gets a little longer I'll go with this method again, I like that they're more permanent than clip-ins but still easy to remove when wanted!!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jamberry Nail Wraps!

The nail wraps in question are by a company called Jamberry. They have buttloads of nail wraps to choose from. At the party you get to choose a sample of whatever patterns the consultant has with her. One of these sample can do 2-4 nails depending on how tiny are big your nails are! 

I chose this super cute tropical spring nail wrap. I did the typical third nail on both hands and had some of the wrap left over! 

I know that Sally Hansen has a line of nail wraps and I'm sorry but they're horrible! My Mom used them for a wedding during the summer and they were already falling off by the time it took her to get from the hotel to the ceremony!! 

These Jamberry wraps stay on for so long! The last time I had some on they didn't start to peel for 3 weeks after I applied them!!

These are just a few of the wraps available, as you can see they're different sizes depending on which finger or toe you want to put them on. 

The instructions for applying the wraps. It literally takes no time to put them on once you get used to it! 

The website and email is above to check out the rest of the wraps that they offer!
And if you live in/around Durham Region give Lesley a call and you can set up a nail party of your own! They're lots of fun and your nails are prettier when you leave ! :)


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March Love In A Box || Blogger Swap.

Blogger Swap

This month I got paired up with Tracey from
Just a Trace . Her blog if you don't already know, is super cute and has a couple weekly series like: 'WTF Wednesdays' and 'Adventures in dating' which are really fun to read.

She emailed and asked what Sondra and I like, I told her girly, anything to do with England, green or pink and anything 60's or 70's.

I instantly fell in love with the cute make-up bag and the Keep Calm tin that had tea in it. I also claimed the Eos lip balm which smells like heaven! Sondra loved the scarf and the earrings that matched the scarf! hahah

If you want to see Tracey's post about what we sent here just click

       -Melanie and Sondra!