Thursday, 28 November 2013

Working Girl

So, Once Upon A Time, (about three months ago to be exact) I finished my two and a half year college career. After a terribly long, stress filled and of course rewarding 5 semesters of post education, I graduated and began my hunt for a real "career" type job. I suffered through getting my head crammed with knowledge class after class, in order to get registered to provide care to those who need it most. I treat your conditions, I ease your pain, I'm there to support you, I'm there to care for you. I am a Nurse. Though these last few school years have been the most trying of my life, and the following registration exam had me shaking in my boots, I have successfully completed the hardest step in becoming a nurse. The next big step was scoring a job in my field, which took the last three months I had mentioned have passed since school ended. I am happy to say that I just got hired as a Nurse at a Retirement home!! It may not be the best Nursing position ever, but I am thoroughly excited to be working in my profession and helping to provide care to those who need it. Anyone willing to let me practice inserting IV's? Practice makes perfect they say! 
~ Sondra. D, AKA. One Happy Nurse

Irresistible Me!

So as you know I am attempting to grow my hair long once again. I've always always always wanted hair extensions and I have no clue where the obsession came from because I wanted them even when my own hair was 20" long... So basically I had some extra moola and decided they would be a Christmas present to myself (I buy Christmas presents for myself all year round...) I said "eff it, I'm totally doing it". I've been hearing about Irresistible Me extensions a lot lately so I wanted to try them out, I decided on 140 grams of hair in 20" length. The colour I chose was #613 'Silky Platinum Blonde' because my hair is bright red and they would need to be coloured.

 The price came to $125 plus $10 for shipping. I used a black Friday coupon and got 25 dollars off. They're still having the sale until Saturday at Midnight with coupon BLACK25 for 25% off. I ordered them on Sunday November 17th and they got to me on Friday the 22nd. So six days in total from when I ordered to when I got them. That's insane!! The shipping you pay for is flat rate and it says it will get to you in 2-4 days. So they were very true to what they said.

You get 10 pieces. 2-1 clips, 5-2 clips, 2-3 clips and 1 for clip.

This is the biggest weft and it's actually 3 sewn together to make it super thick!

I really just wanted to try them on haha you can see how much shorter my real hair is. Ps. don't mind the face.

I was really sad that I had to dye them because I loved the blonde colour and also they were soooooo soft and I didn't want them to get ruined! haha but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I use ION brilliance Brights in Red.

The larges weft was so hard to colour cause you had to separate all the layers.

BAM. With the bad boys in, I absolutely love them!

I tried to do an Ariana Grande look. It was my first time and I've never had
extensions before so It needs a little work but it looks cute!

Sorry this post was a million years long. I'm done now! Friday or Saturday I'm probably going to post an update on my hair using the horse shampoo, so check that shit out.

                                                                   -Melanie xx

Saturday, 2 November 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Make some tea with them to soothe your swollen throat. I had a lovely time (not really) waiting in the Emergency Department while my body ached and my head pounded this past Friday. With chills, sweats, fever, fatigue, extreme body pain and a swollen/ sore throat,  I finally decided I needed to seek medical attention. This may seem like an exaggeration to run the Emergency Dept, but I can honestly admit, I had never been in such debilitating pain in my life. I couldn't lay, couldn't sit, and couldn't stand without feeling like my back was going to snap or my head explode. Being a medical professional myself, I tried to run through what might be going on with my body, but couldn't think of anything except the flu or some other infection. So I waited the three hours in the Emergency Dept, to be poked and probed, pee in a little cup (which is impossible to do without getting pee on your hands) and have a swab jammed down my throat (gag), and TA DA!, I have Strep throat. I think the worst part of the whole situation was not knowing why I was in so much pain, my body hurt so much that I did not bother to inspect my throat, which would have been a dead giveaway to my infection. I suppose the infection was causing these awful aches and pains, I just had no idea that an infection like this could take such a toll on my body. Long story short, I have some narcotics for the pain, and some antibiotics that should kick in soon, lost three work days of pay, and spent three hours probably catching ten other illnesses in the Emergency Dept. -Contagious and Sore Sondra.D<3>