Monday, 23 December 2013

M.I.A ... and Merry Christmas!

So we've been gone for a while, but the Holidays are sometimes hectic! I'm overly excited for Christmas as per usual. I'm mostly excited to be getting together with all of my Brothers and their families for a hilarious Christmas dinner I'm sure!

A few weeks ago Sondra, Myself and our friend Lindsey did some cheesy Christmas photos and I thought it'd be fun to show everyone and help you get into the Holiday spirit if you're not already there..

I made the photo props and Mine and Lindsey's Christmas shirts!

I like to keep it weird!

Merry Christmas or a Happy whatever Holiday you celebrate and a Happy new Year!! :)
                                                               -Melanie xx

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  1. Such funny pictures! Merry X-mas! I start following your blog now. Can you please check out my blog ; I only started last week and maybe if you like it, will you follow me? Thanx! Mieke