Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jamberry Nail Wraps!

The nail wraps in question are by a company called Jamberry. They have buttloads of nail wraps to choose from. At the party you get to choose a sample of whatever patterns the consultant has with her. One of these sample can do 2-4 nails depending on how tiny are big your nails are! 

I chose this super cute tropical spring nail wrap. I did the typical third nail on both hands and had some of the wrap left over! 

I know that Sally Hansen has a line of nail wraps and I'm sorry but they're horrible! My Mom used them for a wedding during the summer and they were already falling off by the time it took her to get from the hotel to the ceremony!! 

These Jamberry wraps stay on for so long! The last time I had some on they didn't start to peel for 3 weeks after I applied them!!

These are just a few of the wraps available, as you can see they're different sizes depending on which finger or toe you want to put them on. 

The instructions for applying the wraps. It literally takes no time to put them on once you get used to it! 

The website and email is above to check out the rest of the wraps that they offer!
And if you live in/around Durham Region give Lesley a call and you can set up a nail party of your own! They're lots of fun and your nails are prettier when you leave ! :)