Monday, 2 June 2014

Review: Jergens 3 Days To Glow

This will probably be one of the worst reviews in history, just a fore warning! Mostly because I didn't take many reference pictures, I tried but they weren't turning out how I wanted them to! Haha 

Never have I ever used a self tanner before in my life so I wanted to start with something that wasn't super intimidating! 

I'm super pale, naturally. And it takes Me a while (like the whole summer) to get a good tan. My brothers Army Graduation was coming up and since we hadn't had a spring at all, I needed something to make me look less dead.  

My brother and I after his graduation! :)

I bought the Jergens Natural Glow 3 days to glow moisturizer in Medium to Tan because I'm a rebel and just because that's what I decided to buy... 

Basically it does what the package says, you put in on everyday after you shower or however/whenever you want.. Haha I just used it after I showered. I definitely noticed a difference the very next day when I woke up! 

It says it has no odour, that's a lie! Haha I don't know what normal fake tanners smell like because like I said, I've never used them! I however have heard other people talk about the smell. This lotion has quite a perfumey smell and gradually starts to smell gross. I find that putting it on during the day and going out and about that I smell it less than when I put it on before bed. If i put it on before going to sleep, it's all I can smell and it drives Me crazy! Hahah

I don't know if you can tell but my leg in that photo looks super brown! Haha I'm like 8 shades whiter than that. And then there's a picture of my arm versus my white hand! And that would've been after using it for 3 days straight and it starting to come off, so probably two days after the last application! So obviously the tan stays around for about a week. 

Overall I'm happy with the product, it cost be about 9 dollars at Walmart and it works well with lasting results, the smell isn't unbearable but it's also not the greatest. If definitely buy it again! 


Another little comparison! Top photo is on the 3rd day of using (looking gross and sweaty!) and the bottom photo was probably the day before I used it! 

Let me know what self tanners you've used and would recommend! 

 -Melanie :)


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