Saturday, 13 September 2014

Cheap Etsy Buys.

The other day I found one of those Prepaid MasterCards in my room that someone had given Me for my 19th Birthday... Two whole years ago! I went online to check the balance and it only had $8.10 left on it, for the last year and a half MasterCard has been taking a percentage off.
I decided I'd go on Etsy and see what I could get for 8 bucks including shipping. I typed in 'Harry Potter' (because obviously) clicked 'lowest price' and started my search. I Managed to purchase two things and still have a balance of $2.00 left on the card!
The first thing I bought was a bookmark. I don't usually use bookmarks because I think they're a waste of money when you could just use a scrap of paper. But this one in my opinion was too cool to pass up!
Yes. Gryffinclaw. Pottermore tells Me I'm a Ravenclaw, but I sometimes feel like a Gryffindor.
So naturally I must be a Gryffinclaw! I think this is the coolest thing ever. The bookmark costs $1.39 from the Etsy shop CrestCrossed I highly suggest you check them out. They're based in Toronto, which is wonderful for Me because I only live 30 minutes from Toronto.
The next thing I purchased was a magnet from a shop called MyThoughtsExactly
A little Diagon Alley magnet. I thought it was adorable. I paid only $1.25 for it!
All in all I think it was a pretty successful Etsy splurge with an $8.00 budget!

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