Thursday, 17 July 2014

Room Re-Boot.

I'm finally ready to make-over my bedroom. I've been in the same bedroom since I was born, pretty much. From aged 0 to 16 my room was this awful bright/pale/baby pink colour with bunnies from Bambi painted on the walls. I hated those walls from the time I could talk. Finally when I was 16 I decided if no one else is going to change the colour, I'll do it myself! I went to the dump, grabbed a bunch of cans of free paint, mixed them all together and what I got was a blue-ish/green colour. Anything was better than what I had, so I slapped it on the walls! I used a pretty fuschia for an accent colour and I was good to go. Now 5 years later and I'm ready for another change. I feel like the blue colour is too drab and dark and I really want to brighten up my room.

So once again, I took a trip to the dump, grabbed all the white-ish/beige/gray colours and mixed together a pretty concoction. I'm excited to start painting and hopefully my next post will be the before and after photos!


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