Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fresh Meat

Hello Blogger World! My name is Sondra Dixon, and I am new to your domain. I feel like I am always the last on any bandwagon, but once I jump on, I always enjoy the ride. Let me begin by telling you about my purpose on this blog! I want to share with you the 'ups and downs' of being a '20 something' year old, with the help of my best friend Melanie Murray, whom I have known since we were the wee age of five. I will try my best to update at least once a week, and feel free to check out my Pinterest and Instagram! I hope I can bring a smile to your face with relatable stories, about how we have all been tricked into growing up (or trying to anyways), and how I deal with my average '20 something' year old life. Enjoy <3  -Sondra D 

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