Friday, 12 February 2016

TUTORIAL: How to get gold lettering on Picmonkey!

First go to and hover over design, click which ever size you like. I usually go with 8x10 because it's perfect for making prints.
This only works for white backgrounds so just click apply on Canvas Colour.

Next click on the 'Tt' and choose which font you'd like to use. The chunkier the better the gold will turn out. Click 'Add Text' and write in whatever you like, once you have the text and size you want, click 'Combine Layers' on the top bar.
Now click on the little Butterfly on the side panel and choose 'Your Own' at the top. Upload your gold texture photo (you can find these on google images)
Once you've done that click on 'Blend modes' and choose the 'Add' option. And that's it! just drag it over all of your text and if you want you can alter the colour a little bit by dragging the colour circle along the black under the other colours.
You can combine these layers again if you'd like to add other overlays to decorate your print some more!

I hope this was helpful, this may not be the most practical way of doing this but I find it the easiest/quickest way when you don't have Photoshop!

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