Thursday, 6 March 2014

Shoppers Anonymous!

Ever since I was a little girl I've sort of had a shopping addiction. My parents used to say to me "you can never leave the store without something in your hand!" and that was very true! But I obviously learned that from somewhere, you aren't just born a compulsive shopper!! I still have this problem at the age of 20 where I go into a store and see so many things that I believe I need. But instead of buying it, now I carry around the item the whole time I'm in the store and then right at the last second decide 'Nope! I don't need this'. The crazy thing is that I don't even need to be buying things for myself.. I just love to buy things whether they're for Me or any other random person I can think of. I noticed that I'm getting much better at realizing 'need' versus 'want' but I think that because I'm a girl I'll always have that little voice in my head telling me "yeah, your closet will love this!"


The beautiful NARS nail polish I walked away from at the store today even though, let's be honest, my nail polish collection could have totally benefited from it!

                                                                       -Melanie xx


  1. I am just like that! I normally can't leave the store without buying something. My Guy thinks it's crazy that I buy something everywhere I go but it's like I can't help it sometime. I wouldn't say that it's a "problem"...well depending who you ask. haha

  2. I'm the same way. In the early 20s I had a huge shopping problem. When I was bored happy sad depressed or lonely I shopped...and ended up with all kinds of stuff. I think many young women go through that phase of "but buy buy" or " I need I need I need". I still can have this mentality but I often out myself in check. Now that I'm a little older and married, I don't have that urge like I used to. My priority shave shifted and now I get just as much enjoyment out if browsing and walking out with nothing than I did coming out of mall with bags I couldn't carry.

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  3. I'm a shopaholic too so what i do now is go the store without my credit card and money for just what I need. I followed your blog form the beauty blog hop. follow back :). thank you

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