Thursday, 6 February 2014

Let's talk technology!

Recently I've come across what I believe to be my favourite app. I'm not really one for apps because I'm a little ADD and I get bored of them easily. I have all of the standard ones, Pinterest, Candy Crush, Flappy bird... but I don't usually go for anything else. I decided I wanted to learn a language (I decide this all the time and never follow through) so I went to the app store and I searched. I came across an app called Duolingo; looks like this:

It was free so I downloaded it! and then I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I download a lot of apps and 3 minutes later I delete them because they suck.
I decided to go with French because I already had a basic knowledge of it and my parents speak French. It's extremely user friendly and there's a little 'coach' that sends you notifications and/or emails when you haven't been on yet that day, to keep you on track. I've been on track since I downloaded it 8 days ago.

Basically, I love it and I would go into greater detail but I feel like you should just all go check it out for yourselves. Hopefully soon I'll be able to write a whole blog post in French!

                                                              -Melanie xx


  1. I just found your blog through HerCampus and this app your talking about sounds great! I think I'm going to have to download it myself because I love learning new languages and cultures. I'm a new blogger myself and enjoy new friends, you can find me at

  2. That's impressive dedication! I lasted a full seven days the last time I tried out a language learning app. Sad to say, I learned more with that than in college language classes though...